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January 2016



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Jan. 29th, 2016


Miharu’s Missing Heart

This ff is dedicated for my very bestfriend Sato Miharu, this is for her Birthday. Happy Birthday my Viaaaa thank you so much for always being my friend. Best wishes always come for you <3

Title    : Miharu’s Missing Heart
Cast    : Sato Miharu, Inoo Kei, Yabu Kota, Chinen Yuri, Saruwatari Kumiko
Type   : One Shot
Genre : Family Romance

“But this is fate. We cannot run away of it. Fate is something that already tied in our lives. But I just dont know that I have a very cruel twist of fate.” –Miharu

Tokyo, January, 29th  2016 .
“No! Stop!” a woman screaming and running to the center of that big road. Her left arm was trying to cover someone’s body while her right gave a sign to the car to stop.
Her hands were badly shaken. She even cannot hold that girl tightly. But, something strengthen her, someone tried to hold her in the opposite. It did look like they hugged each other, as there is no one between them. 
“What is this?
No one has arms as warm as he has.
No one has this hug except him.
The way this person hugs me is just like...”
She couldnt help her curiousness. As she wants to see who he is, she rised her head. But, she couldnt see his face, at all. That man wears a bobble hat, almost covering all of his face.
That Takeshita street became completely silent all of sudden. It was as silent as the grave. People stop walking and just staring to that road, it came as a great shock for them. An accident just happened. A girl got in an accident.
That girl was found unconscious and bleeding. That little girl was injured badly. That accident sent the crowd into a panic and no one asked for a help.
She was panic and couldnt remember anything, she even stopped concerning who is that man. What she had on mind was only helping that girl.
“Call ambulance! Anyone please call ambulance! Now!!” She screaming out asking for a help and telling people to get out of the way. Her hands still extremely shaking,
While people trying to get a help, she pushed that girl’s chests, tried to make that girl concious.

Sato Miharu
Nursery Nurse.
A name tag can be seen on her left chest. Miharu is a nursery nurse in Yoshimi Hospital. Being a nursery nurse was always been her dream since she was child.
Miharu loves children, everything she does is only for children. When she was child, her only dream was rising all of children in the world by herself. Once she remembered that dream, she always laughing.
The ambulance finally came and forced her to stop nursing that girl.
She just sighed deeply and sat down on that road..
“This is winter. How could you sit here?” the bobble hat man approached her and drew a heavy winter coat around her shoulder.
She was shocked to death and couldnt believe  what was happening.
“You’ll freeze”
“Eh? You?” Miharu lost of words to express everything
“Just go” He grabbed her hand, held her hand and led their walk.
Miharu completely didnt understand why this man was there. And she just realized that he is the one who helped the girl.
She just smiled widely.
They walked along the sidewalk heading into a cafe.
Miharu still in a shock. She even couldnt greet him properly.
They both stay still in silent, no one tries to broke the silent. Miharu just followed him as he wanted to. Nothing’s wrong to just following him right? There is nothing to be afraid of. Okay. Just let it. This is just a coincidence. She sighed defenselessly.
Yoko Cafe.
Miharu felt uneasy just seeing the cafe. She just couldnt stop sighing.
Left corner was the part he was chosen. They sat there in opposite, good thing, so Miharu could see what she missed to see.
Five minutes. Ten minutes. Fifteen minutes. There was nothing to be heard.
“Hows Yabu?” He broke the silence but still couldnt stare her eyes. He staring out into his cup of coffee, pretending the coffee is more important than her.
“He is doing well”
“Ah sou ka”
“Hows chinen?”
“Just normal”
“.............” she sighed deeply.
She didnt hope for a satisfied answer anyway. She knew it will turn out like this, as he always did in the past. He always speaks randomly, does everything as he wants and never considers others’ feelings.
Inoo Kei. The man who used to be her husband, was sitting in front of her. He still has his mushroom hair, still with his beautiful fingers and his big red lips, the ones that she really loves.
“He misses you” He said again.
“You mean Chinen?”
Tears flowing on Miharu’s cheeks. She cried out in pain whenever someone telling about Chinen. She’s been suffering for years, sorely missed her son in years.
Tokyo, 8th September 2001
“Mama! Mama! Please dont go! I wont eat for years! I wont sleep for years. I wont go to school anymore!” Chinen fell over and started to cry. He couldnt stop crying and his face was all blotchy.
Chinen asked Miharu to just stay by his side.
“Kota chan! Kota chan please dont go! Lets play game together! Lets play Pokemon and Yankee punch with papa like we always do!” Chinen was screaming loudly in pain and begging the ones he loves to not go. Chinen holding Kota’s hands tightly, hoping him to not go.
Kota couldnt stay still looking at his younger brother in pain. He dashed and gave Chinen a very thight hug and goodbye kisses.
“Dont worry. Someday, Mom and I will take you and we will leave together! I promise!” He wishpered smoothly to his one and only young boy.
Chinen’s cry turned lower. He slowly could stop crying because of what his brother said. He wiped his eyes cutely with his two hands.
Looking her youngest boy in pain, Miharu took a step. She lowered her body to be in the same position as him. She gently caressed Chinen’s head, with a very loving way. She forced herself to not cry, no matter what, pretended everything was fine.
“Promise me you will be a good boy for mom huh?”
Chinen nodded his head.
“Mom is always here. So dont cry okay?”
He nodded again. Miharu lent forward, gave him her warmest hug and kissed his head. Unexpectedly, Chinen gave her hug back as he understood what his mom felt.
Miharu and Kota finally stepped out.
“Kota, you wont say anything to your father? You wont give me a hug and kiss as you gave to Chinen? Thats not fair” Inoo said just like a spoilt kid.
Kota turned his body back and just ignored him.
“Lets go Mom” Kota was in a hard position. He wanted to stay because of his brother, but he just could not bear his father anymore.
“Kota, thats not polite. Say something to your father. Now” Miharu wanted his sons respect to his father, no matter what.
Kota sighed deeply.
He headed his body to grab his father’s body and hugged him.
“Good Bye, Dad” He rolled his eyes. I wont miss you.
Inoo pulled his body and downed his body. He caressed Yabu’s cheeks smoothly and smiled.
“Dont say good bye, just say See you again. Okay?”
Kota nodded his head to just make it ended earlier.
“When will we meet again?
Will you still love me?
Ah. I wont hope that far.
Will you still acquiesce seeing my face again?
If yes. Thats enough for me”
Tokyo, January, 29th 2016.
“Is he doing well? What school does he go? How does he look? Does he miss me?”
“You hasnt changed at all” He smirked.
“What do you mean?” Miharu really couldnt get about what he said.
Inoo stood, lowered his body and positioned his face the same as Miharu’s. He wiped Miharu’s lips.
It was all silent, no sound, no one talked. That kind of moment made Miharu felt uneasy. She wanted to say something but her heart really in a mess, she felt like her heart was going to burst.
“There was something in your lips” Inoo clarified.
Miharu still couldnt talk, even only a word.
“Chinen is doing well. He studies in my University and took my department too. Hahaaa he really takes after me. He looks handsome just like his father. And he always misses you” Inoo explaining while chewing the pork in a rush.
Miharu smiled, ear to ear. How could not she be happy? Her son is doing well and seems smart as her ex husband. She could not stop smiling, she thought she is the proudest woman on the earth was having that man. Her son really took after of her husband.
Tears came from Miharu’s small eyes. She just couldnt stop them. She cried for joy when she heard that her son had been found lives well.
“Why are you crying?”
She just smiled.
“I dont get you. Why can you do different things in the same time? I cant cry and smile in the same time as you”
They both burst out laughing.
Tokyo, November, 30th 1999
“Happy Birthday our Chinen!” Said Miharu, Inoo and Kota.
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday Dear Chinen
Happy Birthday Chinen
They sang it together, sweetly and full of happiness. Birthday is such an important day for this lil family, they always celebrate it. Though four times in a year celebrating for birthday, they wont get bored even for a second.
“Happy Birthday Happy Birthday again Chinen chan!!!” screamed Miharu and Inoo in the same time.
Miharu grabbed Chinen’s body and sat Chinen in her lap, she held him from the back. Inoo came closer, he held something in his back. But his action was obviously seen that he was going to give a surprise.
“Taraaaa! Here is the present from Mama and Papa!” Inoo screamed like giving the best surprise in the world.
Nani nani? Is this for me?”
“Yes! We made it special for you!” Miharu was excited waiting for Chinen’s reaction.
Chinen got all excited and unwrapped the gift. And it was photos of him since he was born. Thats not all, there was also ninja hatori sculpture inside, a character that Chinen loves the most.
“Yattaaa!! Arigatou Mama, Arigatou Papa!” He was just too happy receiving that kind of gift.
Inoo hugged Miharu from the back, he was too happy looking his youngest boy acted so mature, he even said thank you. Miharu cried for joy, thanked God for creating a perfect happiness for her family.
“Happy Birthday Chinen chan” Kota approached chinen and gave a present, its a box covered with sparkling green wrap.
“Yeayy!! A gift again!” Chinen unwrapped the gift and as expected, he squealed in delight once he knew what the present is. It is a winter coat that Ohno Satoshi wore last time in a variety show. Yes. Kota chan knows hime better than anyone else. He was the one that understands Chinen the most in the Universe. He was. Before his parents’ divorce.
Tokyo January, 29th 2016
“My turn”
“What turn?”
“My turn for asking you” Inoo teased.
“Asking what?”
“How is our Kota chan?” Inoo couldnt stare his ex eyes into eyes. He hid his feelings very deep. He wouldnt show his true feelings, how deep he missed his eldest son. The one he always be proud of, the one he always did everything for, the one he always praised.
“He is doing good.Dont tell me that you dont know anything about him now...”
“What do you mean?”
“You really dont know about it?”
“About what?”
“Okay. You know nothing about our son. How would you know huh”
“Please just tell me what happened to him. Miharu, listen. How could I know about him when you never allowed me to meet him? How could I know? Even when I came to his school, all the teachers always chased me away. I even wasnt allowed only to see my precious son” Inoo stopped eating. He lost appetite. His cheeks were aflame with anger.
“How about you? Did you ever allow me to meet my precious son? Did you allow me to meet me and Chi? You did the same. Whenever I came to your apartment, that woman always came and said that Chi wasnt there. Can you even think my feelings as his mother? Hey, I just treated you the way you treated me.” Miharu couldnt stop breathing, its a rare for her to get angry. She is a very nice woman.
“Please understand me.”
“Pardon me? Understand you? You or that bitch?” She was out of control.
“She died.”
Inoo stared in a space. Miharu felt guilty of what she already said, but she couldnt say sorry.

Tokyo, May, 29th 2000
“Lets live together!”
“Are you crazy?”
“Im asking you to marry me, and you said Im crazy?”
“I..” Inoo lost of words. He felt guilty about what he said.
“I know I dont deserve to be loved. I know she is better than me, but at least say nicely to me. I have feelings too..”
“I know you love her more than me. I know you value her more than me, I know that your heart belongs to her. I know that you wont ever love me like you did. I know that already even if you never told me! But, what can I do if you are the one I only love? What can I do? Watching you live happily with your wife and your two sons? Thats not fair. I wont let you be happy once Im still in this position” She explained desperately.
“Why are you so quiet? Are you not happy being with me?”
Inoo still didnt say anything. He was still too angry but couldnt hurt that woman. Mused and sat in the sofa were the things that he thought the best to do at that time.
That woman approached him, sat on Inoo’s lap seductively. She caressed Inoo’s face smoothly and positioned her face straight into Inoo’s. She was about to kiss him passionately.
“Hey. Look straight to my face. Say that you love me. Say it now...”
Inoo was too tired to listen to her. Everything she says is nonsense.
She started to cry. Waiting for his reaction is too tired for her.
Having an unrequireted love is too tired for her.
As she cried, she left Inoo who was still sitting there.
A knife. She pointed a knife and tried to stab herself.
“Say that you love me, or I will die!” threaten her.
“Stop it Kumiko! Are you crazy?”
“Youre asking me crazy twice? Yes im crazy! Im out of my mind loving a man who has a family. Loving a man who doesnt love me back. Then, yes. Im crazy! What will you do then?” Kumiko callenged him.
“I beg you, please put down the knife okay?” Inoo said with a very lower voice.
“I wont. I wont till you marry me!”
“Give me some more time to think of it. Okay? Now please put down your knife”
“Five minutes. You have five minutes”
“Please Kumiko. I need to think of it.”
That words built anger in Kumiko, because what she really wants from Inoo was just his love. Kumiko tried to suicide, She tried to cut her artery. She held the knife with her right hand and ready to pass it to her left one.
“Stop it Kumiko!” Inoo ran tried to stop it, but blood covering her dress. She cut her hand already.
Saruwatari Kumiko.
She used to be Inoo’s girfriend. They had that relationship since they were in college. They didnt study in the same department. Inoo studied in Architecture while Kumiko in English Department. Different department didnt block the fate to met them.
There was nothing special within their story, it was just like other teenagers love stories. They met. Kumiko fell in love first. Inoo loved her back. Kumiko confessed. They both began to make a relationship. Kumiko’s feelings went deeper and deeper beacause no one treated her like Inoo did, she was lonely because her parents were busy and had no time to take care of her. Inoo was the one she can rely on.

Tokyo, March 23rd 1986
“Where have you been? Could you just answer my call? I had called you nine times and you didnt answer it at all”
“I wasnt at home last night” Inoo was too tired to answer all of Kumiko’s questions.
“Where are you? Did you cheat on me? At least give me a call!”
“You cant answer it? Do you really cheat on me?”
“Kumiko, please stop. Im too tired today”
Kumiko cried. She just wanted Inoo to explain about where did he go last night.
“Why are you crying? Im too tired. Im not your slave that should report to you about my daily life everyday. I have life, I have future. If its always going on like this, lets just break” Inoo couldnt overcome his emotion and just left her.
Two days after their break, Inoo got a call from Kumiko’s father and said that Kumiko tried to commit a suicide. Since that time, Inoo felt guilty and couldnt leave Kumiko.
Tokyo, May 29th 2000
“Okay. Lets live together, lets live in the same house. But I wont marry you, Im thinking of Miharu’s feeling” Inoo said it, defenslessly. He had no choise, he didnt want things like this happened again and again because of him.
“But promise me. Dont do this anymore.”
Kumiko who was just laying on the bed, nodded and smiled. She was too happy that finally her beloved one asked her to live together. She couldnt grab Inoo’s body to just hug him because she was too weak to do it because she was still hospitalized.
That was the beginning of their life, yet it was the beginning of inharmonious times for Miharu.
Tokyo, January, 29th 2016
“Did she commit suicide again?” Miharu finally asked.
“No. It was heart attack.”
“When was it?”
“It was 2006.”
It was quite a shock for Miharu. It means Inoo has been living without her for ten years. If she just knew about this earlier...
“Can we just talk another topic?” a smile came from his mouth.
“I was asking about Kota. What happened to him?”
“You really dont know about it then” Miharu gave up. She showed Kota’s picture. It was Kota wearing Japan Football Costume and holding a ball. Kota looked shining there.
Inoo almost cried looking at that picture. He held that pic with his body shaking.
Tokyo, January 31st 1996
“Happy Birthday our Yabu!” Said Miharu, Inoo and lil Chinen.
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday Dear Kota
Happy Birthday Kota
Kota blew the candles from the top of his birthday cake. His brightest smile can be seen from his cute face. The more he smiled, the more his eyes disappear.
“Happy birthday my Kota chan!” screamed Miharu with the feelings of excited. Her eldest son was turning six years. She hugged Kota with love, Kota could feel that though it was all silent.
“Here is Mama’s present for you!” Miharu gave a present, Kota received the gift and just put it in the table.
“Arent you going to unwrap Mama’s present for you?” asked Inoo.
“I will wrap it after Papa give his present for me.” Explained Kota. Kota has always been mature since he was lil.
“Hahaha. Okay then, Papa, show us your present!” Miharu asked Inoo to give his present already.
Inoo squatted down and positioned himself to be in the same as Kota’s, he carressed Kota’s head.
“I know my Kota isnt patient to get my gift. So this is my gift for you!”
The gift was round, made Kota wondering what it is.
Arigatou Papa, Arigatou Mama! Im going to unwrap this”
Kota unwrapped the gifts from his parents. Miharu’s gift was a football costume and Inoo’s gift was a ball.Kota felt so moved with what he got.
“A...a...arigatou” He almost cried there.
Miharu and Inoo hugged each other, felt moved that his son looked very happy got their presents.
“You wanna be a football player right?”
“Yes! I will be a football player!” Kota said convincingly.
How proud Miharu and Inoo having a son with such passion.
Then, kota left them, he brought the gifts he got and went to his bedroom. Looked like he wanted to continue his crying.
“Kota! Wait. You havent received anything yet from Chinen” teased Miharu.
Kota turned his body back.
“Eh? Chinen?” Kota got curious.
Chinen got up from seated, he walked towards Kota and hugged him.
“This is my present” said Chi cutely.
“Eh? Your hug is the present?” Kota was so surprised.
Everyone burst into laughing because of Chinen’s cute act.. What a happy family..
Tokyo, January 29th 2016
“We used to be a hapy family” Miharu finally said that, though with a doubt.
“Im sorry” Inoo bowed down his head, he felt sorry. It was all his faults.
“I wont say that Im okay since the fact isnt. Im suffering for missing my son, Im suffering for always seeing Kota isolated himself in his room because thinking of his father, thinking of my loneliness. Im suffering with the neighbours who always bad mouthing on me. Everything I do is always wrong, working extra time and get home in the late midnight, is wrong. Everything is wrong ever since you gone”
“Im sorry” said Inoo again still in the same position as before, bowed.
“The fact I cant hate the one I love, made me suffering the most. The fact I couldnt forget you in my life. I made myself believe that one day I can forget you, I made myself believe that I wont even miss you, I believe someone would replace you. But you know what? Im totally failed.”
“Im sorry” This time his voice sounded lower and lower.
“But this is fate. We cannot run away of it. Fate is something that already tied in our lives. But I just dont know that I have a very cruel twist of fate.” Miharu said with a very low voice and it sounded very deep.
This time, Inoo didnt bow his head, he raised his head instead.
“So you just ended everything and gave up to the fate?”
“Should I...” She hadnt finished her words, her phone rang. It was Kota calling.
“Yes honey?”
Inoo was shocked. He thought Miharu has someone else, has remarried. And the one on the phone was her husband. His body was shaking, his mind was in a mess.
“Thank you honey. Im in Yoko cafe. Just come here”
That was what Inoo heard. He was sure that it was her new husband. After all of this time, he loved the one who has remarried. Inoo desperately in shock.
Miharu hang up the phone and started their talk again.
“I have no intention for having a debate with you. It was over between us, nothing to be  talked about anymore.”
Miharu wanted to show that she is strong.
“We accidentally met today. There was no meaning of this at all. So lets just end this.”
“There is no something like accidental. Everything is already settled. We met because of fate.” Inoo convinced her.
I met you because today...

Inoo heard a sudden voice behind him and he swung round to look behind him.
A tall young man holding a birthday cake. He stopped his words and was in shock looking at the man in front of him.
It was Kota. He lost of words and really couldnt say anything. So did Inoo. They stuck staring each other.
Kota put the cake, intended to leave them.
Inoo couldnt bear it anymore. He got up from seated and embraced Kota. It was all silent, but their feelings and brain were so noisy. But, Kota pulled his body. He punched his dad, he gave him punches in all over Inoo’s face. Inoo didnt move at all. Looked like he admitted that he deserved got those hits.
Miharu almost tried to stop them. But she thought that fight was the only way for them to communicate after all of this time. Then she just let it happen...
They started cry. Inoo grabbed Kota’s body and embraced him, for this time, he wont let Kota pulled his body anymore. He wanted to stay still for some minutes.
Miharu moved to the point she couldnt speak. Her voice was all blocked by the moment she saw.
Once she cried, Chinen came. No one started to talk. Chinen came and embraced his Mom tightly, full of emotions. Miharu hugged Chi in a very loving way, she couldnt stop crying and she just laid her face on Chi’s shoulder, made Chi’s shoulder all wet of Miharu’s tears.
Minutes passed by, Inoo grabbed Miharu and Chi’s body to his cycle of hug. They made a circle and hugged together. No one started speak, because they still in tears.
But then, Chi started to sing:
“Happy Birthday to you” Chinen started.
“Happy Birthday to you” Yabu started to follow Chi. Then Chi gave a sign to Inoo to sing together too..
“Happy Birthday Dear Mama” Finally they three sang together.
“Happy Birthday Mama”
Miharu cried out in that touched moment. She fell down because her body couldnt stand her anymore.
Chi approached her, held her hands, and said “Im sorry I cant give you anything”
Miharu just shook her head.
Yabu fell down and hugged her Mom, “Happy Birthday Mom..”
Miharu just nodded her head.
Last, the last person left was Inoo. He fell down and kneed. He leant forward, his hands circled Miharu’s wrist. And he started to kiss Miharu’s forehead, very soft and whispered “Happy Birthday, my biggest part of heart. Lets spend our times together like before”
Miharu didnt shake her head, neither nodded. She looked at Inoo for a very long time with her widest eyes opened. Then, she grabbed Inoo’s head and kissed Miharu’s favorite part of Inoo, yes, thats Inoo’s lips.
They kissed passionately, showing that their love never died even only for a second. Their kiss expressed how missed they have been, how desperate they lived without having each other, and how they suffered without having the biggest part of them.

New Year’s Eve
“Papa! Look! I have...” Chinen came in to Inoo’s room. But he got his dad sleeping in his work corner with the laptop on.
Once Chinen going to turned off the laptop, he saw his Mom’s profil facebook page on the screen.
He guessed that his father misses her so much, as he does. He smirked and thought that he has a brilliant idea to meet their parents on his Mom’s birthday.

Jun. 22nd, 2015



Title: Candle
Cast: Inoo Kei, Takaki Yuya, Yabu Kota, Yamada Ryosuke, Nakajima Yuto
Pairing: TakakiYuya x Inoo Kei x Yabu Kota (TakaNooBu)
Type: One Shot
Genre: Romance
Summary: Inoo loves Takaki from the first sight, but he has a bestfriend who loves him.

Read more...Collapse )

Yuhuuu Im so happy I can finish my first ff..Im so sorry for the very terrible story :( please be nice to my ff XD
This is one of my presents for my husband since I cant give something good tonight since Im in my period right now LOL XD so I just can give this..And thanks for Dya chan who made a very cool poster for this!! :* also Tachan (tasuku_kyota) and Beni chan (juju905rote) who always support me hahahaIm too much talking comment please XD

Jun. 15th, 2015



This is my first post. I dont know what to write because Im not a writer.
I post this just to make pple know that I exist and Im not a robot X''D Im Inoo's only one wifey gyuhuuuuuuuuuu