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January 2016

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Title: Candle
Cast: Inoo Kei, Takaki Yuya, Yabu Kota, Yamada Ryosuke, Nakajima Yuto
Pairing: TakakiYuya x Inoo Kei x Yabu Kota (TakaNooBu)
Type: One Shot
Genre: Romance
Summary: Inoo loves Takaki from the first sight, but he has a bestfriend who loves him.

Tokyo, May 22nd 2015 20.30 p.m

“Geez! Again? Oh please I have to finish this damn paper tonight!” Inoo shouted. He lost his temper because of the blackout. When he was serious with his paper, the blackout annoyingly came out. It was really pissed him off.

Its not just he was in the middle of doing his paper, but he was afraid with the dark. He always sleeps with the light on. He cant do anything without the light. When he was a child, he always hugged his mom whenever the blackout came. But now, he can only hug his old faded bolster because he lives alone in his dorm until he finished his architecture study.

“Ugh. I guess the blackout will take several hours” he mumbled. All the time he only playing his phone to make a light but… the light suddenly went out. His phone already rested in peace.

He closed his eyes, tried hard to sleep but couldnt. This girly face man really couldnt relax, he couldnt bear it anymore. He looked for a candle to make a light. But, he had no idea how to lit it up because he didnt have a lighter. He is a good man, he doesnt even smoke.

He decided to ask to the next door for a lighter. He was so frightened that he could not stand. His knees shook badly but he tried to walk. He walked slowly just like a snail, walked by clinging on the wall.

When he opened his front door of the room, candlelight welcomed him. He walked to light his candle. When he tried to light it….

There was a man standing beside the candle, he also tried to take the light from the candle just like Inoo did. At the same time, they lowered their heads positioning themselves as same as the candle.  They take the light out without saying anything. That misterious man glared at Inoo’s face. His sight really made a steady heartbeat for Inoo. Inoo kept his sight on that man. He couldnt really see his face, all he saw was that man’s eyes and the jacket he wore. It was purple with a B letter on his left chest.

Inoo was really hypnotesized by that man to the point he couldnt feel the wax of his candle dripped down to his beautiful fingers. That man recognized it and hurriedly wiped the wax and holding his two hands softly without saying a word.

It felt like Inoo’s blood around his body stopped for awhile because of that sweet act. That man left him after lighting his candle. Again, without saying a word. All he could see was that man’s shadow which slowly appeared.


Since that night, Inoo couldnt erase the sweet memory with that misterious man. He really wanted to meet that man again, even only once.

‘That man lives in the dorm. I can meet him easily’ he thought.

He had his lunch in the canteen. He ate his favorite food, Udon. He ate that pleasantly but sometimes he paused for a moment thinking about that man while smiling and then continued eating. He did that stupid act repeatedly.

“You eat Udon? Where is your boyfriend?” asked Yabu. Yabu is his closest friend. They have known each other since they were ten. Whenever Inoo is in trouble, Yabu always helps him out.

“What boyfriend?”

“Your white rice lovely boyfriend!” shouted Yabu with a tease.

“Right now I just want to eat purple rice” he said randomly. But actually thats what in his mind. His mind was full of purple, B and that candle man.

Yabu smiling at his randomness and caressed Inoo’s head in a very gentle and loving way.
“Baaka!” thats what he could only say. His act was enough to convey his true feelings towards Inoo. Its just Inoo who was too stupid to recognize it. Inoo only responded him with an abstracted glance, and returned to his Udon.


Its been a week since that romantic blackout incident. Inoo still hoping to meet him in his every single day. He hoped that because he tought its possible to meet that man again. They are in the same dorm after all.

Inoo was already in his dorm after got back from the campus and making way to his room. He pressed the button of the lift to take him to the fifth floor where his room belongs. When he was waiting for the lift, he saw a man wearing purple jacket walking in the stairs to the upstairs. Inoo was so surprised and his feeling told him that its that candle man.

He suddenly got his cunning mind. He took the lift in a rush and ran to his room hurriedly. He took the candle in his room, he even had a time to look at his reflection in the mirror for a moment.

“Inoo chan, that guy will definitely remember who you are!” he said confidently. He ran in a rush again to meet that candle man while holding the candle to make him noticed.

He was standing in his front door holding the white candle. Everyone who looked at him will never knew that he is a genius, because he acted like an idiot. He was still standing, seeing that man from the stairs. His steps really made Inoo in a bundle of nerves. But, that man was just passing by without looking even only a glance. It was a heartbreaking moment Inoo ever had. But his cunning mind still supported him to make a move.

“Hey..you” he tried to stop that purple jacket man.

That man turned his head and raised his left eyebrow in a very cool way without saying a word. That completely made Inoo having a heart attack.

“Mmm..do you have a lighter?”

He nodded still in a cool way.

“Come here”

‘Yosshaa! Its his first words for me. This is a big chance for me to ask his email address!’ Inoo’s feelings talking.

Inoo followed that misterious man. Their steps pointed to that man’s room. That only took a couple of steps from Inoo’s room. He was perfectly happy with this.

Inoo was very surprised with that man’s room. The room was very tidy but dimly lit, just the opposite of his room. There was a big aquarium on the left corner with three different small species of fish. Inoo wondering if that man really likes fish because its rare for people to have an aquarium in his dorm. Besides that aquarium, there was a big television with a stack of dvd games. He was looking around that room, making him more curious about this man, while the owner looking for the lighter.

“What are you doing?”

“Um.. your room is cool..hehe” he tried hard to handle this awkward situation.

“Here” that man gave the lighter. Inoo took it, and didnt know what to do next. His heart and mind were completely in a mess.

“Whats your name?” suddenly Inoo asked it.

“Takaki” he answered carelessly and didnt ask back Inoo’s name. There was a long silent moment and it was too awkward for them.

“Ah, Takaki. Thats a cool name. I’m Inoo Kei. I live in the next door” he really wanted to ask wether Takaki remembers him or not. But it was a wrong time to ask about it. A silent moment again, they are standing still, didnt know what to do.

But he wont go out from that room without getting Takaki’s email address. He pulled his courage together. It took few moments to pluck up the courage to ask his email address.

“Takaki chan, can I have your email address?” he finally asked for it.

Takaki just nodded and gave a signal to hurriedly exchange their email address. It seemed like it was the happiest day of Inoo’s life.

Inoo thrusted his hands deep into his pockets over and over but he couldnt find his phone. ‘Shit. I put my phone in my bag’ he mumbled. He forgot putting his phone in his bag, yes, he left his bag in his room. He blamed himself for it.

“Just tell me your email address. I’ll send you a message later” Takaki said while glaring at Inoo’s stupid act looking for his phone. Suddenly a wide smile spread across on Inoo’s face. That day was too good for him.


Everyday everynight every second of Inoo’s life was waiting for an email from Takaki. He really waited for it.

Just then, his mobile rang, crushing his fantasy world where he could be Takaki’s boyfriend. It was an email, he grabbed his phone and read the message.

“Inoo chan, how about watching Karafuto Ojisan? I heard it is the best Butai of this year. I’ll be waiting in The Globe Tokyo at 6 p.m ^_^ -Yabu”

It wasn’t an email he expected. He only expected an email from that person, Takaki. Not that kind-hearted man, Yabu.

“Well, may be I expected too much from Takaki. I guess I should go watching this Butai with Yabu chan” a bitter disappointment obviously expressed from his face.

Inoo was dressed casually in jeans and white shirt. It was the shirt given from Yabu on his twentieth birthday. Thats what Inoo likes from Yabu, he knows Inoo’s simple taste.

Inoo got prepared well for watching Butai with Yabu, though only half-heartedly. But deeply inside he was happy enough because Yabu can cheer him up for his weeks of suffering because of waiting for Takaki’s email. It was 5.30 p.m, Inoo rushed to go to The Globe Tokyo so that he wouldn’t be late.

He finally went out to meet Yabu, but after he locked his room, there was a man with brown hair fell in curls over his shoulders standing and looking across to Inoo’s room. He was waiting for Inoo. Inoo stood still, he couldnt make a step because of that man, who Inoo’s waiting for, Takaki.

Takaki knows Inoo would be happy with his presence. He showed his best wide smile to Inoo and walked towards Inoo. His hands holding two tickets of Ansatsu Kyoshitsu movie.

“Here” Takaki gave the tickets, the way he gave those still the same with the time he gave the lighter to Inoo. He still remembered that worth nostalgic.

“What are these?” Inoo took the tickets sweetly.

“Baaka! Those obviously are tickets!” Takaki replied with a tease. Suddenly they burst out laughing.

“Lets watch this. I wanna watch it with you”

Inoo couldnt say anything. He was too happy to the point he forgot his plan with Yabu.
They went to the movie with Inoo’s strange feeling. They watched the movie with Inoo sitting next to Takaki. Inoo couldn’t really watched the movie since Takaki’s face was really close to him. He won’t waste his precious time with Takaki. All the time he asked himself  ‘Is this a dream? Is this a date? Does he love me?’ and a bunch of stupid romantic questions. While he was watching Takaki’s cool face, Takaki suddenly looked surprised.

“Inoo, look at that man!” Takaki whispered, pointing to the up left corner as a sign for Inoo to see the man. That man used a mask for covering his face, his hair was short and red. They still could see his face though his head laid on the shoulder of the man next to him. Their hands are holding each other sweetly. That act made Inoo jealous, he wanted to do it with Takaki too.

“Eh? Isn’t he the actor who casts as Nagisa?”

“Yes he is. And I thought that man is his boyfriend.”

“Aren’t they cute? I hope we’d be like that too” Inoo mumbled in a very soft voice but loud enough to be heard by Takaki. But Takaki pretended to not hear it, it was too surprised for him.

“Isn’t that man the host of starwars?” Takaki tried to call away the attention and threw out the topic. Inoo understood it well, he thought it was too surprised for Takaki.

“Ah! Yes he is. If Im not mistaken he is Nakajima Yuto, he is a cool drummer and a member of Hey! Say! JUMP.” Inoo explained. He knows it because his sister, Aki chan, is a big fan of him.

“You know about that thingy? Are you a fanboy? Wow so girly” Takaki teased him again.

“Eh? What? No. It isnt like that! I just…..I just….”

Inoo couldnt finish his words, there was a soft thing stopped him. It was a kiss attack. Takaki kissing on his mouth passionately. He bit Inoo’s lower lip in a very gentle way. Inoo didnt even try to pull Takaki because he really enjoyed that soft lips. They catched their breath several times, couldn’t bear their wild feelings. Takaki finally pulled himself slowly after realized that they were in a cinema. Inoo had blushing red-faced and out of breath. It was a passionate kiss for him. It felt like he got addicted into it.

There was a long gap till Inoo say a word…



“Why did you kiss me?”

“It’s just.. I want to break the spell from you.”

“What spell?”

“The spell from Hey!Say!JUMP which made you into a fanboy” Takaki said with his right corner lips up, made Inoo really wanted to kiss him back.

They burst into a laugh again. Inoo covered his mouth with his girly hand, his shoulders shaking too much.

When they had fun and quality time, there was one other person still waiting patiently. Yabu already waiting for two hours in The Globe Tokyo, but he still couldnt see Inoo. The tickets for the Butai no longer could be used. The Butai already ended. But Yabu stood still waiting for Inoo’s presence believing Inoo will come to see him.

Yabu had been calling Inoo several times but still there was no answer. He was too afraid that something might happen to his precious Inoo. He tried and tried to call him but still, there was no answer. He tried to not worry towards Inoo, but he couldn’t. As always, Inoo is his most precious person. He ran up hurriedly to Inoo’s dorm, wanted to make sure if Inoo is alright. ‘I would be very glad if you slept and forgot about our plan…’ he thought. Yes, as for him, it will be much better.

He was running all the way to the dorm while calling Inoo, but still there was no answer. The more he called Inoo, the more his body got shaken. He was covered in sweat.

Thirty minutes were nothing to run for Inoo to the dorm. He was completely sweating with fear, still worrying Inoo. He led himself upstairs, the fifth floor where his precious person lives at.
The fifth floor.

Yabu paused, froze and died for a moment. He couldnt feel that pig sweat anymore. That sweat was nothing compared to what he saw. Witnessing someone who he loves the most, who he worries at, who he takes care of, who he always waits, now having a kiss on the mouth with a strange man, it was so much painful.

‘I know this time will come, but I dont know it will be this hurt’

He was suffering in a silence, covering his painful emotions. How could he be alright? His precious man who wore the shirt he gave, having a passionate kiss right in his eyes. As for him, leaving that hell was the best thing to do.

“Thank you for everything you gave me today, Takaki.”

“Dont say it.” Takaki said, kissing Inoo’s wide forehead then wiped his kiss.

“Why are you wiping your kiss?” asked Inoo looked a bit dejected.

“Because I know, you wanna get my kiss on your lips only.” He kissed Inoo’s lips again, for the third time on that day.***Everything was so sweet eversince they dated, but it looked like Inoo’s tiring. Tiring because every night they sleep over in each other’s room to spend their night. Though it was tiring, Inoo still loves it because his boyfriend  is full of surprises, everyday he does a lot of things to surprise him.

As always, Inoo slept in his classroom after the last course. Whenever he sleeps, no one even tries to wake him up and his classmates always leave him alone. Its not like no one wants to be his friend, but Inoo is the one who drew a line for others to not involve anything with him because he doesnt need friends. Yabu is more than enough for him.

He woke up in headache with the classroom getting dark. He felt something on his mouth, it was sweet and chewy. ‘Chocolate! No doubt this is chocolate’. He ate the chocolate tastefully without thinking where did the chocolate come from. As he will leave the class, he found a note written:

Tomorrow I’ll be waiting in the beach. I’ll be waiting till you come.

That paper made him terribly confusing, there was no the sender’s name neither was the receiver’s name. But he got a feeling as it was for him. He put in that paper in his bag and left the classroom.
All night Inoo thought about that paper, he tried to call his boyfriend to ask about it, but his phone lines were always busy. He was feeling a bit grumpy for not spending his day and night with Takaki, he missed Takaki already. But then, an email received.

‘Inoo chan, can you come to the school’s rooftop tomorrow? I have something for you. ^_^ -Yabu’

It was an email from Yabu chan, his only one bestfriend. Well, he got more confused why did he receive two messages in a day asking him to come in a cool place. All of the messages confusing him, he couldnt choose one of that stupid message. But in the end, he had to decide it.


Tokyo, June 22nd 2015 20.30 p.m

“I know its you. Its only you”  Inoo stuttered a bit, tried to hold his tears.

“I was scared if this isnt you” he continued.

“I was afraid if it isnt from you. I miss you a lot” he bent his head, still tried to hold the tears.
Looking at his boyfriend broke down, Takaki couldnt stay still. He embraced Inoo tightly and kissed his mouth till Inoo could hardly breath. They were kissing in a very gentle way, Inoo’s hands circled Takaki’s waist while Takaki’s hands  felt Inoo’s soft cheeks. It was too sweet, literally.

Inoo pulled  Takaki slowly and laughed, “What is this? Is this chocolate?”

Takaki nodded his head and winked seductively, made Inoo’s shoulder shaking again. He burst in a laugh.

“So it was you? You kissed me in my classroom with this chocolate?”

“Who else do you think? Dont tell me you have another boyfriend!” Takaki interogatted.

“Baaka! I dont have any!”

Takaki believed in him. His mouth curved out slightly showing his best flashy smile.
It was in the beach, the place where Inoo always wants to have a date with. No one knows it except Takaki. True. Takaki knows Inoo more than any other else.

There was a round table and two seats there. It was decorated ellegantly, with flowers spread and a birthday cake in the middle. Besides that table, there was a written sand, it was written “Happy Birthday Inoo Kei”. Inoo just realized it, since he always looked at his boyfriend’s presence. They light up the candles of the birthday cake together, brought back their sweet memory when they first met. A song of birthday sung by Takaki sweetly in front of Inoo’s face. Then they blew the candles together.

Inoo couldnt say a word, he cried a lot. Well, it was too surprised him. He never celebrated his birthday before.

“Why are you crying? Whats wrong?”

“I love you Takaki. I love you so much. Thanks for all things you gave to me!”

“I love you too, dear. Happy Birthday…”

The way they expressing their love strengthen their feelings. They hugged, kissed again and again till they couldnt memorize how many times they did it. Then, there was an email breaking their romantic time. Takaki knew it was from Yabu. He obviously knew, since whenever they were together, Yabu always interrupted their precious times.

“Just go with him” Takaki’s voice sounds frustated.

“Why did you say that? I just wanna be here with you” Inoo a bit surprise with what Takaki said.

“Its okay with me. He knows you longer than me. Im a very new person for you”

“Hey wait. It isnt about time, but its about who knows me better” he snapped.

“Love isnt about how long you have known him. But love is about someone who can make your life more meaningful eversince you met him for the very first time. And I feel that from you. I just…I love you, Takaki!” Inoo out of breath.

There was no other sound except the sound of waves. It was all silent, Takaki thought about how big is Inoo’s love and he was glad for it. Hug was the best thing to do for breaking the silent moment.

Inoo hugged Takaki from his back tightly but Takaki wont let Inoo hug him alone. He turned his body and hugged him back. They covered each other’s body from the gust of the wind. They speak without saying anything. Their feelings were loud enough to be heard. It was so warm…


Tokyo, May 22nd 2015 20.30 p.m

“Ssssshit!” Takaki sighed heavily and threw his body to the bed. He was playing a game, but it suddenly off because of the blackout. That totally ruined his mood.

He laid his body in his bed. Nothing to do. As he tried hard to close his eyes, he remembered that he had to do the unfinished miniature design building he designed.

Takaki studies in architecture departement. Studing there wasnt his choice, but his father’s. Art and science are the things he hates the most, but he couldnt do anything since he loves his father so much. He tried his best to make his father proud of him, though it was too much hard.
Day by day he started loving that study. He is motivated by an intelligent great man, he strengthen his will to finish his study.

He took a candle from the shelf and looked for the lighter but he had no one. Lighter is something he never imagines that he would need because he doesnt smoke anymore. He decided to buy a lighter while still holding the candle.

When he opened the front door of his room, candlelight welcomed him. He thanked to God that there was  a light there so he wouldnt need to buy any. He walked to  the candle.

When he tried to light his candle…

There was a man standing there too, did the same thing. He couldnt really see that man’s face, but for some reasons, his heart felt something. It was something he usually feels when he meets someone. His heart was palpitating. Really fast. He tried hard to ignore it but that man kept glaring him…

“Why is he looking at me? Can he just stop? Annoying”

He lowered his head, took the light. And again, that man did the same thing too. At that time, he realized who that man is. He saw clearly that man’s beautiful face. His heart beat very fast.

“So, its you. Yes its you. Thats why I feel that thing”
Takaki couldnt say a word but his heart and brain making a lot of noise. All he could do was glaring at that man’s face, enjoying every second of their closeness. To be that close with that man was Takaki’s precious chance to see that man’s face so clearly.

But his sight was interrupted with that man’s clumsy act. The wax of the candle dripped down to that man’s beautiful fingers.

“Are you stupid? What are you doing?Dont hurt your beautiful fingers. Please. Without them, I cant listen to your virtuoso piano performance”

Takaki hurriedly wiped the wax and holding that man’s two hands softly without saying a word. There was no any single word came from his mouth, but again, his heart and brain were so noisy.

“Share your pain to me. I dont want your soft hands feel this”

Takaki realized he shouldnt do that. He let go of that man’s hands and light his candle then turned his body back to his room, leaving that man who standing still there.

“You. Yes you, Inoo Kei. I always admire you from the start. I know you more than anyone else. And I will keep my feeling though you dont know me.

Inoo Kei, you are the one I always admire, the one who makes me still here.

Your intelligence impresses me. So much.  Your great beauty makes me couldnt see any other man. Your randomness makes me smile all the time whenever I remember that.

I cant say that this is love. I’ll let time answer my feelings. I will make a move towards you, start now.

Yuhuuu Im so happy I can finish my first ff..Im so sorry for the very terrible story :( please be nice to my ff XD
This is one of my presents for my husband since I cant give something good tonight since Im in my period right now LOL XD so I just can give this..And thanks for Dya chan who made a very cool poster for this!! :* also Tachan (tasuku_kyota) and Beni chan (juju905rote) who always support me hahahaIm too much talking comment please XD


Ah thanks for tagging me, Mrs. Inoo!
Takabu always invited Inoo at the same time, making him choose one of them.

The beach date was very fitting for Takanoo! And the drawing in the sand too, it's so romantic. Their first meeting was so romantic too, with the candle. No wonder Inoo fell for him.

I...I feel sorry for Yabu, though, when I imagine him waiting by himself (to watch Karafuto Ojisan! Inoo's play ;_; ) and then waiting on Inoo's birthday by himself. And he was so caring to Inoo, worrying about him when he didn't show up to the play ;_;

Thanks for writing! It's very cute and full of fluff!

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Aa thank u so much fr reading this amateur ff big sister! 😄

Yes i chose beach bcs thats the place Inoo always wants to visit for dating..hahaha

Actually i planned to make yabu commited suicide in the rooftpp bcs he knows Inoo chooses bakaki but im afraid yabunoo shipper will complaint to me hahaha so thats enough for yabu i think xD
you r too cruel to me, my heart was pounding uncontrollable, i kept nnnnnnggggghhhh-ing and gaaaaahhhhh-ing all the time, i almost throw my phone bcs its so flufffffyyyyhhhhhhhh !!! screw marshmallow this is fluffier!!! and the first meeting was so romantic i nearly get cavities

and the epilogue, omg, pls contact me later bcs right now im dying
Hahahaha i thought you will say Im cruel towards Yabu XD
Im not cruel, I made it for you actually bcs you are the craziest of takanoo bias XD

Glad knowing you love the epilogue, since i actually didnt plan there will be the epilogue XD

and thanks for that -posting- hahaha thats so embarassing XD
The story was good despite the fact that it's your first time lol I like how you depict inoo's personality here and yuyan... it would be better if you make him more like a tsundere type hahah btw thanks for putting yamajima's moment here even though yama-chan's hair is actually dyed black for ansatsu, not red😳😳😳 make a new one and put more yamajima's moment onegai😳😳

is it good? ;__; huhuuu i got many pressures and thought i wont finish this ff :(( but glad if you love it XD

You know what?? tsundere is very hard for me since im not that kind of person *u know me well* hahahaha

Hmm...I will try making another one pls make the poster too! XD
Awwww this so cute and nice and fluffy and sweet and I really like it ;w;
But Yabu is hurt TT^TT it made me hurt too~ it really broke my heart T^T


I have to choose one right? And I prefer Taka than Yabu for my precious Inoo hahaha

Im so glad you like my very first ff :")))
so cute cant stop kyaaa-ing
kinda pitying yabu but yeahh just as inoo says,
"Love isnt about how long you have known him. But love is about someone who can make your life more meaningful ever since you met him for the very first time."

and i so happy that yamajima could starred in this fic #bias much XD

thanks for this fic ^^
cant wait for another XD

Hahaha its not enough for me for the ending of Yabu..I want him comminted suicide actually :'( but Im worrying ther will be Yabunoo shipper mad at me hahaha

Hmm is it okay pairing Yutti with Qeity? XD

Again thanks for reading!!!
Hahaha dont do that at least let yabu move on, Thats so cruel but im not really against it haha

Hell no freakin way im going to read my baby yuto with keito XD
you see actually im okay with yuto and inoo that kinda look good together muahaha

The epilogue <3
oh my God!! ITS SO FLUFFFFF ٩(♡ε♡ )۶
tho its so angst for papah.. poor papah :" come to me papahhhh :**

its really surprising when Takaki suddenly asked Inoo to go out. he didnt give his number yet, ryte? its kinda romantic and and %@(#$:&#%:# AKKKKK WHAT SHOULD I SAYYYYY?????? X""3

i love the epilogue ♥v♥
Im so glad that Takaki already had a feelings towards Inoo wkwkwkwk dont know why hahahaha

PLS WRITE MORE MRS. INOOS WIFE WANNABE:*** wkwkwkwk *sorreeeeehhhhh:**




asdfghjk takainoooo woootwoooooo so much love TTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT im gonna cryy * insert heartSSSSS
but i feel a little bad for yabu hihi


Taraaaa....!!!! Boku desuuuu....!!!!

I rarely read fanfic but..... Great job Mrs.Inoo... :D

Re: Taraaaa....!!!! Boku desuuuu....!!!!